How much will you tip the Table Robot?

How much do you usually leave as tip to people who serve your drinks and meals? Others do not give much, others do not leave a tip at all. Carrying meals from the kitchen to your table, bringing back dirty dishes from your place to the dishwasher seems easy but it is not always a piece of cake. You should watch your step, keep your balance, avoid the food spills on the floor, etc. However, with the release of Laskmi-Do’s Table Robot, waiters and busboys can get their needed and awaited R&Rs .

dfThe Table Robot brings to mind the Segway. FYI, Segway is the company that makes those popular personal transport devices. The table robot is similar to the Segway in that it transports and moves around using wheels. However, the table robot doesn’t transport people. It serves your drinks and meals.

It is tall and is actually high enough to be used as a regular table. It is also thin and is able to balance itself on top of only one pair of wheels.

Most of the people who have seen the table robot remark that it looks unstable and unable to keep its balance. Since its main purpose is to serve your food, the main concern is how it will be able to take care of your meals as they are being served, so balance is a big thing that should be taken into consideration. But the makers of the table robot say the opposite. Like a bicycle, it will be able to balance your dishes, and other than that, it also has high energy efficiency. It is also able to move around using a remote control.

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