How Do You Like Earphones? Large, Jumbo or SUPERSIZED?

I know most people will go for supersized, from foods like burger, fries, pizza and soda to cars, SUVs, monster trucks and of course jewelry and blings. Everybody wants to have the biggest and the largest that it almost defines the phrase “Living Large”. Well for audiophiles who also want their share of the biggest, we just have the thing for you! Like a souvenir from a modern day Gulliver’s travel, the 500XL Big Earbud Speakers is a pair of supersized earphone. It is 500 times bigger than your regular ear bud headsets. The earphone design may have no real practical use except maybe for Paul Bunyan or the great Galactus. But who would want an ordinary looking speaker when you can have the Magnum XL of earphones? It’s not really all about the size, it is how you use it that really matters and it’s good to know that the 500XL is compatible with iPod, mp3 players and PC. And with its built-in amplifier, the speakers are not all show. It has the goods to deliver great sounds.
In terms of powering up this device, it is very versatile because of its 3 way power. Listening to music at home? You can plug it into a wall socket using a generic adaptor. On the go? You can use batteries as its power supply. Using a laptop? You can just connect it to the USB to use the speakers during travel or presentations.

To get a closer view of the 500XL Big Earbud Speakers, you can’t miss it here.

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