His and Hers Keyholders

keyholdersGoing to your home a little bit drunk due to that self declared holiday of yours isn’t always the best scenario for remembering where you placed your things. Knowing where you placed this and that isn’t exactly your best talent the day after, especially your keys. Definitely, here is the item for you.

His and Hers Keyholders from Firebox.com is the thing if you are the person who casually misplace keys. The keyholders has that iconic restroom sign that you might really remember as you frequent the washroom in the club. The design is really cool with its metallic finish and the raised male and female figures really looks like what you see regularly in washrooms. The keyhole is placed dead center between the legs of the figures making you grin or maybe move your head away as you insert or stab your keys into the hole.

The keyholder is really not a new idea but reinventing the concept is always a good thing. These keyholders would be perfect for any contemporary home or as a humorous gift. Aside from that, it could also double up as a real door sign. That is if you have a separate area for male and females.

This funky keyholder is a must buy as a novelty item and is readily available over at Firebox.com.

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