High-Tech Rock Tumbler

Did you know that in rocks around you are crystal like gemstones that are waiting to be exposed? This is due to earth’s natural process of sedimentation, erosion, compression that create gemstones. So what you need is something to buff away the ugly and dull looking outer layer of stones to show its inner glistening beauty and that is what the Rock Tumbler is for.

00105498-475339_275You first need to collect a couple of rough rocks and minerals which you want to turn into gemstones. Then you put it in the Rock Tumbler and add the grinding powder that duplicates earth’s natural erosion process to remove the course outer surface of rocks and minerals. After the grinding process, what you have are a couple of coarse stones so it needs to undergo polishing. The polishing process is aided by the polishing powder which also goes into the Rock Tumbler. Then there you have it, you now have gemstones that can be used for your DIY accessories. The grinding and polishing powder are used as buffing agents along with the tumbling process that the gadget facilitates. The High-Tech Rock Tumbler comes with the grinding powder, polishing powder, half pound of rocks, and a set of accessories (2 key chains, 2 necklaces, rings, and earrings) that you can place your gemstones on. You can also use your polished rocks and minerals as gift decorations or for scrapbooks.

Get a High-Tech Rock Tumbler and feel the excitement of how little rocks and minerals turn into gleaming gemstones that you can use!

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