High Tech Prank USB


Most of the gadgets are out of the ordinary and expedient helpers; there are some of them that only function to be pranks. Looking similar to common devices, they have odd or infuriating functions concealed within. Their major function is to prank on an acquaintances or enemy’s computer, to exasperate them and to giggle on it after that. They frequently are not risky, and carry out a number of uncomplicated but aggravating actions. In the vein of this one Рit is secret to give the impression of being just like a trouble-free and risk-free USB thumb drive; on the other hand it carries a big quantity of concealed functions that no one is sentient of.

It is known at these days to be Phantom Keystroker, it can be attach on a single USB port to connect to the target’s PC. When it’s associated, it will be familiarized by PC as a USB keyboard and mouse, and will hang about hidden until time comes. Then it will annoy the user by making some keystroke without being noticed that this device is typing the odd and random text, moving the mouse cursor at random and fastening caps lock – every single one of these combined would make certain user that his PC is contaminated by virus, or it was hacked. But no antivirus software resolves the source of this confusion, since Phantom Keystroker functions on a hardware region, not software. By means of a set of particular buttons on its side it is probable to regulate its performance and set a time delay, which will be practical to give an explanation or to extend the joke. See in your mind’s eye the ferocity of the user, when following hours of rigorous system clean-up he will find out a eccentric USB thumb drive, linked to his PC and is the only suspect of the annoying things!

Beware to make others angry!

You may find one here. Bid it!

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