High Tech Grannies Using a Medicine Management System

MMEAll of us have grandparents and they could be irritating with their frequent questions and all. We could in fact sharpen our memory but it will lose its edge as we grow older and there is nothing that we can do about it much like how water flows down the falls. But how ironic that this is also the period where we must remember a lot of medications that we need to take like a tablet before eating, after eating, right after you wake up, on an empty stomach, 3x a day, hour intervals and the list goes on! The medicine kit with post-it reminders is a crude way of remembering which medication to take so why not tech it up like the Medicine Management System concept?

The whole idea is that this gadget would be the centralized information resource for your grandparents regarding which medication to take, notes on medicines, doctor’s prescriptions and recommendations, and personal information on medication and health. The interface would be grandparent proof meaning no complicated things to press or menus to dig and tweaks to do. The small and lightweight design would allow the gadget to be carried like on vacations. A scanner would also be present so just pass the bar code on the scanner and information about the medicine would appear, therefore eliminating mix ups. A voice alarm or vibrate would also remind to take medications.

With more and more people getting older due to the boomer generation, the Medicine management System is a great concept for our aging population.

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