Help Your Kids Eat with this Eating Set

constructionMaking a kid eat food might not be the easiest thing to do. Sometimes, kids just want to play with toys and almost not eat what is served in their plate. They also rather want to eat some Cheetos chips and chow down on it until they’re full. Parents and the like, here is something that might help you! The Construction Eating Set. The construction eating set is a set of cutlery that is designed for babies to help out parents or baby sitters to make their kid eat.

The concept is simple and has been tried and tested. Making a regular spoon be like a plane and “land” on the kids mouth. Maybe evolution has changed their attitude towards that making them not eat with that trick anymore. This construction eating set is colored bright yellow to attract your kid’s eyes like bugs on an insect zapper.

Each kit is composed of a spoon, fork and bulldozer. The spoon and fork are basically as what you use in your dining table perhaps but they are like encased in a construction site vehicle that also moves! The spoon and fork might be a little normal but the bulldozer cutlery is something new here. The bulldozer has movable wheels for scooping something on a plate as it moves. This allows the kid to like hit a mountain of viands and eat it to break it further.

It is indeed a fact that the addition of a toy on to the food utensils of the kids is common but these bright yellow and construction machinery designed set makes me want to be a child and eat again.

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  1. Cleaning these things after messy lunch will be real fun. With food stacked behind wheels you are on the good way to go crazy. But as long it helps feeding kids that is ok. I like the idea!

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