Heated Itch Relief Soothes the Itch of Mosquito Bites in Seconds

There’s no doubt about it, mosquitoes and mosquito bites are annoying. Though your risk of getting diseases from mosquito bites is low, your risk of being bothered by mosquito bites is high. And you are aware that scratching could lead to infections. Good thing there are various ways of killing the itch – be it in cream form or a convenient applicator bottle. But if you can’t stand using creams, you could always take a slightly more hi-tech approach to killing the sting of those pesky bug bites – use the Heated Itch Relief.


Heated Itch Relief is a device that uses heat to eliminate the itching and swelling of those unavoidable bug bits. Just press the head of this pocket-size electronic device right onto the bite and hold. Heated Itch Relief’s gentle heating element helps neutralize the insect-injected proteins that cause itching and swelling. This device is also effective on bites from fleas, gnats, and horseflies. Larger insect bites however, may require several applications. There are no chemicals, hence it is also safe to use on a child’s sensitive skin.

Great to take along on picnics or camping trips, this Heated Itch Relief run on 2 AA batteries (sold separately) and you can have it for only $16.99.

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