Hawk WiFi Robot – Hasta La Vista Baby

There is a little Jedi (or Sith) in everybody, and every Jedi dreams of owning their own R2D2 or their personal C3PO. Since we are not in a Galaxy far far away, we could settle for Hawk WiFi robot. It’s a 21 kg independent and wireless robot designed by a Canadian firm Dr. Robot for the purpose of studies in robotics and AI. The Hawk WiFi Robot is humanoid with features much like C3PO without the legs, gold plates and a database of intergalactic languages. The core design is built from the i90 robot base with a pair of 1.4m humanoid arms and an animated head mounted with a pair of 640×480 color cameras.


For navigation, it uses indoor GPS that utilizes landmarks to coordinate its location and direction. It is being guided by its collision-free point-to-point autonomous navigation system utilizing IR and sonar technology. This will be one tough fella to beat in hide and seek. A 3.5 inch LCD embedded on the chest is able to play video, audio and display images. The whole body of the robot is equipped with high resolution cameras enabling the use of Tele-operation and remote monitoring. It has an auto docking and recharging features powering the robot for 2 hours each recharging.

The estimated cost of each unit would play around $5,000 and you would need to pay extra for the upgrades like added carrying capacity and battery life. So if you save a lot of money, you could have a different pal added to your circle of friends.

See how much fun you and Hawk could have:

Me thinks this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. *tear*

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  1. Please, send me a price offer for Hawk wifi robot.

    Many Thanks,

    prof. Gheorghe Mogan

    Transivania University of Brasov

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