Have Your Own Beer Tap with Beer Machine Brew Master

beer machineHave you thought of running your own pub? Of course it has come at least once into your mind to have your own pub where people can have a place to talk about things, have fun and have a great time. Not the usual bars having pumpin’ loud music that gets your heart thumpin’ throughout the night.

Have one component set-up within the cozy comforts of your home with the beer tap! Build your own bar with the social fuel flowing that you made yourself! That’s right! No big name corporation beer that you get from the store with all the chemicals and preservative included. Mix and ferment your own lager or ale within just seven to ten days and you’ve got 17 pints of beer covered! Then you could just keep on going to have stock whenever an event is held at your house. Storing them wouldn’t be an issue since each package comes with 6 completely reusable bottles that you can fill with the brew master and bring wherever you go.

Creating the beer mix is fairly simple. You just have to choose if you want to create a lager or ale with the mix pack that you have to buy separately and then you’re ready to ferment things! Watch as your mixture turn from basic ingredients to the ultimate drink that man has invented.

So go on get this for yourself or for a friend. Get your own Beer Machine and you might even never have to go to the store buying a beer again.

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