Have the Ultimate Home Movie Experience with FlipShare TV

With all those Flip Video Camcorders lurking around the market, capturing those once-in-a-lifetime moments has never been easier. Yes, shooting with a Flip Camcorder is really very easy. But what about sharing or watching those videos on your HDTV? Do you still burn them on DVDs and play them on your DVD player for everyone’s viewing pleasure? If you do, it’s so much hassle, right? Good thing, there is now an easier and more exciting way to share and watch videos from your FlipShare library to your HDTV, right in the comfort of your own home. It’s through this tech gadget known as FlipShare TV.

flipsharetvDesigned mainly as a three-piece media bridge to wirelessly transmit your videos from your Mac or PC to your HDTV, the FlipShare TV offers you ultimate home movie experience that you have always imagined. To use it, simply plug it to your HDTV and then plug the USB key into your computer. Take note: no confusing setup or configuration required, so it’s really very easy to use. And to browse and play back your flip videos, just use the remote control that is included in the set.

Now, if you’re thinking about sharing those videos to your friends and loved ones who don’t own a Flip Video camcorder themselves, you can always do by using the FlipShare’s Flip Channel feature. All you have to do is to add the content to a specific Flip Channel, and automatically your friends and family will be notified.

So, take advantage of all these exciting features to have that ultimate home video experience. Buy the FlipShare TV at Amazon.com for only $149.99 now!

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