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handy coolerGlobal warming is really taking its toll on me! The last time I walked just to buy myself some grab and go lunch made me feel like I was buying my food in the sand dunes of Dubai! It was really hot that time and all I can do is to sit for a while and cool down thanks to the evaporative air conditioning unit that that store has.

That same cooling goodness is now available in a very portable form for me and other people who find that it is really getting hot. The Handy Cooler uses the water evaporation principle to blow cool air. A damp sponge inside the unit evaporates and the fan unit blows air to the sponge which carries the water molecules as it comes out of the small vent giving you a cool breeze. This thing works best in hot dry environment since it lacks humidity in the air. Powered by 4xAA batteries, the cooler can work continuously for 5 hours or could be plugged in a USB port. Just remember to dampen the sponge every now and then to assure unlimited cooling.

The standard pack comes with the unit, a dedicated 60ml bottle, sponge and USB cable for instant use. You can get this thing at the GeekieStore for just $44.95.

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  1. I thought Ipod was the only thing that is getting small, but it seems air conditioner is following be hide.

    “The fan draws air over the damp sponge, cooling it by up to 25 degrees Fahrenheit.”

    I don’t see how does the air cool to 25 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s so small.

    I guesses it doesn’t has the basic components like a regular air conditioner units does.

    The disadvantage it take 4 double A batteries, you have to carry water, take it dirty dust and recirculate to your face with cool air.

  2. I have one and it really does cool the air pretty well. I don’t know if it can cool 25 degrees, but it feels alot better than a normal fan. I used to use misting fans, but this is a better alternative. It pretty much works in the same way as the evaporative coolers you buy in walmart/ target. It’s pretty neat how you can take it anywhere you want since it is powered on batteries.
    It doesn’t have the components of a regular a/c but I don’t think I will ever want to hold something with freon in my hands! And the cooling sponge inside filters out most of the dust in the air. I wash it out every night and I’m glad it captured all those dirty stuff rather than blowing it back right on my face!
    A nice little gadget to keep in my office. Thanks to the USB power compatibility.

  3. Thanks for this post. I was looking for a personal cooling product last summer. This sounds exactly like a thing I am looking for. It makes sense to cool the air down with a wet filter because thats how my evaporative cooler at home works. I am suprised they could make one so small now.

  4. 44 bucks sounds like a good price for a portable evaporative cooler. My wife has been using those cheap tiny hand held fans for her hot flashes. I’m sure she will fall in love with me again when I show her this =D

  5. Slick gagdet. Was surfing the net for some Xmas ideas and this looks good. Something different and usable.

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