Hacked USB?


Not. Indeed technology has reached the wildest of our imagination. Move over tiniest flash drives or USB drives that could stand the test of steel, here’s something new. Imagine yourself being the center of attention because of your flashy laptop and other gadgets. Just when those crooks are about to plot on you, you reach for your magic weapon.

Voila! The Hacked and Frayed USB drive developed by ThinkGeek. It is a USB drive in guise of a torn and frayed piece of USB cabling, and just the sight of that crap is enough to put that goon in dismay thinking that you’re such an idiot to be using a device that lacks connectivity. But little does he know that what you have really done is to plug in and use a efficient 2 gigabyte flash drive that is creatively made as a broken USB cable. Neat, huh?


  • 2GB flash drive cleverly disguised as a frayed and broken USB cable
  • Easily transfer and store files, photos and music
  • USB 2.0 with 1.1 backwards compatibility
  • Mac, Windows and Linux compatible, of course

Want one? Click here.

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