H2O Interval Waterproof Headphones for Swimmers

It is cold outside but planning for your summer vacation isn’t too early especially that snow is right outside so thinking of some sun is very much welcome. You should plan where you will stay, the resort that you want, and things to bring with needless to say that your iPod be with you on your trip. However, your music collection would only be good as long as you stay dry or you will have some nice looking paperweight back from your vacation.

What you could use is a set of H2O Audio Interval submersible headphones so you can hit the waters and still listen to music. The Interval waterproof headphone system is compatible with a 3rd/4th generation  iPod shuffle. These waterproof headphones might actually not your regular just “for vacation thing” since this is really built for swimmers where an iPod shuffle is just enough to play some tunes while doing some laps. You just have to put the iPod in the Interval case and close it tightly. There are external controls so tracks can be changed anytime like after every lap if you want. It can also attach to virtually any swimming goggles without any modification required. The headphones could easily fit anyone by choosing one of the five included Elastomer earplugs with S-XL sizes. This waterproof headphone system is backed by gold medal swimmers Michael Phelps and Natalie Coughlin which they have surely used to pass time while practicing for a gold.

Perfect for swimmers, get the H2O Interval Waterproof Headphone System here.

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