H2 Handy Recorder Gives Everyone the Power to Record Anything with No Set-Up Time

H2_and_accessoires-webYes, if your objective is to record musical performances, rehearsals, song-writing sessions or virtually anything with no set-up time, this latest gadget from Zoom is for you – the H2 Handy Recorder. It has the ability to record anything with incomparable depth and clarity.

While most digital recorders have fixed recording angles, the H2 allows you to set your mic patterns to the best configuration for the situation. The H2 is the only portable recorder with 4 mic capsules on-board, so you make 2-channel or 4-channel 360degrees recording. This feature or this added flexibility means you will always be ready to capture the moment with the best possible sound. If you choose the 4-channel mode, you can even convert your recordings to 5.1 Surround. No other digital recorder has this ability.

The H2 Handy Recorder is also very easy to use. Set your levels, press the red button and it will start recording. You can also use the Auto Start and Auto Gain Control functions to ensure complete capture at the right level. But this handy recorder’s features don’t stop there.

The H2 also comes with accessories that will further enhance your recording experience. From the included earbuds, tripod stand, AC adapter, 52MB SD card, 1/8 inch stereo to RCA cable, and USB cable to innovative mic clip adapter, the H2 gives you everything you need to get started.

Moving your recordings to your computer for editing and sharing has also been made easier with the H2’s USB interfaces. There’s never been a simpler but more functional solution than the H2 Handy Recorder when it comes to brilliant stereo recording.

So grab one now! The Zoom H2 Handy Portable Stereo Recorder is available at Amazon.

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