Green Power GP 400n: Your iPod Nano’s 4G Portable Speaker

Perhaps, one of the main reasons why you get your iPod Nano is because you love listening to music while doing work, on the way to the office or home, performing exercises like jogging, or simply when you’re alone relaxing to your heart’s content. You love knowing that while doing all these, you can simply turn up the volume on your iPod with your headphones, preventing anyone else from complaining about the loud sound. But don’t you think it’s better to let go of the headphones from time to time and use your iPod to share great music with everyone in the room? You can very much do this with the help of Green Power GP 400n, your iPod Nano’s 4G portable speaker.

gp-400nThe GP 400n is a great alternative to the standard in-your-ear intimacy of the iPod’s headphones. It functions mainly as a sliding type portable speaker, specifically designed for the iPod Nano 4G. But it is also designed with a stand function so that the user can enjoy improved convenience when watching videos and movies.

For added features, the GP 400n includes a transparent case, so your favorite iPod is provided additional protection. It’s also very portable since it only weighs in at a mere 70 grams and measures 111x46x21 mm. And don’t worry about the battery because it can be charged for as short as 3 hours and will run for 12 straight hours.

So, do you find the need for this portable speaker? If you do, then better check this product out. Or if you want, you can check other iPod Nano speakers here for more options.

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  1. The Green Power GP 400n is a good portable speaker. I would like to have one. Sometimes, we do need to take the earphones off, mostly to avoid ear damage because of too much volume. It’s good to take a break sometimes and let everyone else listen to your music.

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