Gorillapod is the Do-Everything Tripod


For photographers on the go, a tripod is indispensable. Tripods make it possible to take pictures that would otherwise be impossible. It also dramatically improves the quality of other pictures that would have come out otherwise shaky. In other words, a tripod eliminates blurred images caused by camera shake that can happen when taking photos while hand-holding a camera. But for some, tripods are annoying. They’re big and hard to fit in the bag. Well, instead of taking along the regular tripod, why don’t you bring along the Gorillapod from Joby? Place it in your pocket or backpack and you’ll be ready for your next adventure.

The Gorillapod is the lightest and the most versatile camera tripod available today. With over two dozen flexible leg joints that bend and rotate 360degrees to form a perfect shape, the Gorillapod will firmly hold your compact digital camera to virtually any surface – anywhere and everywhere. It uses premium quality, injection molded plastic for snug joints that stay firm after lots of action. It features rubberized ring and foot grips to provide extra gripping power, lock ring to ensure that your camera is safely attached, and slim line attachment for instant setup.


Yes, it serves all the functions of a traditional camera tripod like steadying your camera under low-light conditions, and taking timed groups shots. So what makes it different? Well, it is the only tripod malleable enough to provide you with the perfect shot while wrapped around a tree branch, perched on a jagged rock, or hanging from a pole. With the Gorillapod, the possibilities are endless! So whether you’re a professional, or simply a budding shutterbug, grab yourself a Gorillapod here.

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