Go Meow with CASIO EX-Z90 Hello Kitty Limited Edition

Hello Kitty! No, not Sylvester and definitely not Garfield. Hello Kitty as in the famous Sanrio’s female white cat with a red bow and no drawn mouth created by Ikuko Shimizu. This famous character can be seen with so many products including dolls, stickers, greeting cards, clothes, accessories, school supplies, home products and she even has her own official theme park named Sanrio Puroland. Now in her 35th anniversary, Hello Kitty gets to have her own limited edition digital camera too, courtesy of Casio. The new limited edition CASIO EX-Z90 Hello Kitty Hot Pink design brings the Kitty charm and sophisticated digital imaging right into the palm of your hands. Fan of the Sanrio merchandise would appreciate the stylish external modifications done with the camera which include a traditional pink color scheme, Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary insignia and an outer lens graciously adorned by Pink Swarovski diamonds. Furthermore, it also comes with a Hello Kitty themed camera case and strap. Now that’s enough Hello Kitty goodness to make any fans meow and purr in delight.

The Casio Hello Kitty, apart from the modifications, remained true to the EX-Z90 specifications. This slim and compact 12.1 megapixel camera features 3x optical zoom, 4x digital zoom, a maximum resolution of 4000×3000, and two color options. It has a new Intelligent Autofocus feature that can detect even inanimate photographic objects for correct automatic adjustment of focus and exposure area. The limited edition Hello Kitty EX-Z90 doesn’t only look good; it takes great pictures too with relative ease.

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