Go Green with the Green Mobile Phone Charger

green chargerAdvances in mobile technology allow more and more people use gadgets such as cellphones. These cellphones are therefore powered by batteries. These batteries gets to be cut smaller and smaller by manufacturers as the demand for slimmer and better looking devices always continue to rise thus forcing less juice available for your phone to guzzle. This makes consumers plug in their phone more frequently like I do when I had a Motorola V3i which was really thin yet the battery goes kaput easily.

Laziness (which i think is very much inherent in our generation) is always the factor that makes us just let the phone charger plugged in for “later use”. But according to studies, 5% of a chargers power consumption is for charging the phone while 95% of it is wasted by letting it plugged in and letting electricity just pass through it.

The Green Mobile Phone Charger solves the problem of wasting electricity, not the laziness part unfortunately, by turning off completely when the phone is fully charged or when no phone is attached. The design of the product looks Apple-ish but that isn’t a minus as far as I’m concerned. There is also this cradle like base that makes your phone stand and look good while charging.

Available for Sony Ericsson and Nokia phones, I wish there were also for mini-USB charging ports like some PDA phones.

I’m pretty sure that even though only two manufacturers are supported, those two still compromise a huge chunk of global phone market share thus making the energy saving potential of this gadget significant. This eco-gadget would be the perfect thing for personal use or as a gift.

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