Go Green At Your Desk with the Solar Desk Wind Turbine

Are you thinking of ways on how to help save the environment? Well, you can start by using solar gadgets instead of those electrically-operated ones. These are now widely available online and in your local stores. But before you make that purchase, first you have to think where you intend to use the gadget. If it’s for your desktop, you can always look for solar-powered desk ornaments like this Solar Desk Wind Turbine.

The Solar Desk Wind Tsolar-desk-wind-turbine_mainurbine is one effective way to show that you care for the planet. If you look at the image, you will notice that this is a detailed replica of a full scale wind turbine, with an overall size of 34 x 22 x 8.5cm. It is designed with powerful solar cell that enables rotors to turn in sunlight and even in desk light. Now, to stop the rotation, all you have to do is place your hand over the solar panel.

It’s really cool to have this desk accessory on your desktop. The blades whirling around bring a smile to anyone who sees this gadget in action. So, have your own wind turbine and impress your colleagues and friends with your “going green” credentials. This cool kit includes 11 parts and a detailed, straight forward instruction, so any DIYer can put them together in a jiffy. Just a word of caution though – this kit is not suitable for kids 3 years old and below because of the small pieces that it contains.

Get the Solar Wind Turbine Model for only $49.95 at Amazon.com now!

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