Glowing Globe: Beautiful by Day, Magical by Night

Kids love gadgets, there’s no doubt about that. But when it comes to educational stuff like books, sometimes it’s difficult to get their attention. That is why parents nowadays think of creative ways to enhance the knowledge of their children and sharpen their memories at the same time. Take the names of the different countries, capitals, cities, political boundaries, and constellations for example. To easily learn all these, parents buy their kids a globe. However, some kids find this thing boring. So, to attract their attention, parents should go after a more exciting option called the Glowing Globe.

glowing-globeA beautiful map by day and a magical and brightly illuminated sky by night, this Glowing Globe allows your kids to easily remember the names of countries and their capitals and the 88 constellations and their common names. By day, it looks like a typical globe that your kids can spin to be more acquainted with wonderfully strange names of far off places. But when it gets dark, the light sensor turns it into a brightly illuminated map of the sky with the different constellations that will certainly amaze your children. So, if they are having difficulty memorizing the names of the countries and these constellations, this Glowing Globe will sure make it easier for them to remember.

Learning is fun. And it is even more fun if you give your kids exciting gadgets such as the Glowing Globe. But hey, this thing is not only educational. It also makes a great night light for your kids’ room. So instead of getting them the ordinary lamp, better equip their room with this exciting two globe in one that is not only beautiful by day but also magical by night.

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