Give Your Room an Ambient Glow with Mathmos Air Switch Lamp

mathmosairswitchlampStill looking for an extraordinary lamp that can give your room an ambient glow? Look no further! Mathmos brings you the Air Switch Lamp – an exciting innovation in the world of weird and wonderful lamps.

So, what sets the Air Switch Lamp apart from the rest? Well, it eliminates the need to locate the switch so you can turn it on. By simply waving your hand above this flask-shaped table light, you can already enjoy the brightness or dimness that your room needs to fit the mood of any occasion. Whether you want to use it as a bedside lamp, a party or romantic lighting, or a display in your living room for guests to see and appreciate, this Air Switch Lamp will never seize to amaze you and everyone in the room with you.

How to brighten or dim the Air Switch Lamp? Simple. Just place your hand above the light source in the invisible beam. To brighten it, start with your hand approximately 2cm above the lamp and slowly move it upwards up to 30cm from the top of the light. And to dim it, do the opposite. Start from 30cm above the light then slowly move your hand downwards up to 2cm from the top of the light. Impressive, right? Your hand is in full control, without the need to fumble around for a light switch.

So, why sit in the dark if this Air Switch Lamp from Mathmos can give you not only the convenience but also the ambient glow that your room needs? And once you’ve tried it, better share it to your loved ones and friends so they’ll also see how amazing this product is. Get the Mathmos Air Switch Lamp from now!

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