Give All Your Media the Best Seat in the House with Seagate FreeAgent Theater


Watching all my stored digital media from my laptop is not very satisfying. It’s not much fun for me to stay cooped up in my computer chair for two hours either, just to watch a downloaded movie. I think that it would be great if there’s a device that would allow me to play and enjoy my stored digital media on our 32-inch flat screen television. Well, it seems that hard drive manufacturer, Seagate, has come up with an interesting solution. Seagate has a product called FreeAgent Theater. It is a new accessory designed to work with the company’s award-winning FreeAgent Go portable hard drive, allowing people to easily enjoy stored digital media on their TV screens rather than their computer monitors. Just place your FreeAgent Go portable drive in the media player dock and enjoy the show.

One of the key features that make the Seagate FreeAgent Theater so easy to use is the number of supported Audio/Video formats. It supports MPEG-1, MPEG-2, and MPEG-4 formats as well as DIVX files with video resolutions for NTSC, PAL, and HD up to 1080i. This media player also plays the popular digital audio formats including MP3, WMA, WAV, and OGG and it connects to any TV with either composite, S-video or component video and audio inputs and an AC outlet.

Aside from those key features, the FreeAgent Theater also sports a cool functional design with technical simplicity. The docking solution eliminates the need for fumbling with an excess of cables or complicated network setups. But the real good news is, the FreeAgent Theater is now available, but only at selected retail outlets. It can be purchased as either a standalone media player with the remote control at a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $129.99, or with the choice of either a 250GB (MSRP of $229.99) or 500GB (MSRP of $299.99) capacity FreeAgent Go Drive.

Well there’s no need to drive around downtown and hope you stumble upon one of these selected retail outlets. You can get the Seagate FreeAgent Theater right here, right now.

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