Gigaware In-line Control with HD Radio Review – Works with iPhone and iPod Touch

Staying competitive in an iPod-ruled marketplace is a challenge, and not just because of the player’s built-in virtues [or Apple’s massive marketing budget]. The reigning king of the MP3 players has an advantage simply because it resides at the top of the heap, and that advantage comes in the form of feature-adding third-party accessories. Case in point: HD Radio on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

The first portable HD Radio device hit shelves in July, followed by the launch of Microsoft’s Zune HD in September. At the time, there were no HD Radio options for Apple’s iPhone or iPod Touch. But now, there is – the Gigaware In-Line Remote with HD Radio, an add-on for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Simply attach it to the dock connector on your iPhone and iPod Touch and start enjoying HD radio. gigawareProduct Summary:

The good:

Offers crystal-clear sound, letting you enjoy your music the way it was meant to be heard. Song information, such as title and artist, appears on your iPhone/iPod’s display and iTunes Tagging allows you to “tag” songs you hear on the radio for subsequent purchase via Apple’s iTunes. What’s more, the in-line remote replicates the click wheel of the iPod, giving you a handy extra set of controls. And the best thing is, you can experience all these without any subscription fees.

The bad:

Aside from being pricey, users may find that carrying around the small receiver clip, attached to the iPhone with a wire, is more cumbersome than download-and-go Internet radio apps such as Pandora.

Bottom line:

If you are a fan of HD radio and own an iPhone or iPod Touch and have been waiting patiently to access digital over-the-air tunes on your Apple device, you can now do that – thanks to the Gigaware In-Line Remote with HD Radio. It doesn’t come on a cheap price tag but it can work in areas where streaming-music apps don’t. So how is that?

Price: $80

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