Giant Beer Glass for Serious Drinker Daddies

Gifts are a part of Father’s Day. But sometimes, it is hard to find the perfect gift ideas that say “I love you, Dad. I appreciate all the sacrifices you’ve made for me.” Well actually, finding a gift is quite simple. Just think of all the activities your father enjoys. If your father loves outdoor activities like fishing, why not give him some new fishing gear? Or a set of golf clubs perhaps, for your Dad to enjoy a little bit of life’s greatest pleasure. If these gifts don’t cut it, then get him drunk. Give him this Giant Beer Glass.


This Giant Beer Glass can hold 2.5 pints or 5 small glasses of beer. Now, your Dad would never have to worry about topping his glass ever again. Great for sports fans! This huge beer glass is a great companion while watching the football game and not tear your eyes off the screen. The next time your Dad buys a six pack, he can have the first bottle while he pours the other five into this huge glass. It’s also great for keg parties! In short, this is the perfect conversation and party piece! So grab one for dear old dad right here.

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