Geyser Tube – Burst of Fun

Geyser TubeMint and Cola – ever since Steve Spangler decided to pop those popular mint candies into a bottle of soda, the world was amazed by the sheer joy of watching the resulting chaotic burst of bubbly froth, frizz and soda. Then the world moved on. But the science was not forgotten nor went unnoticed. Videos and performances of mint and soda experiments involving synchronized volcanic-like eruptions and geysers are now on the internet. At present, there is a gadget to take that fun simple experiment to a whole new level, 30 feet eruption like level!

The Geyser Tube was created to take advantage of the mint – soda reaction to get the perfect soda fountain every time and in a safe and dry way. To use, just stack the mints on the screw-on transparent tube and lock it in a plastic soda bottle (diet variety seems to work best). When ready, pull the pin and make a run for it if you don’t want to get soaked. When the candies hit the fizzy liquid, a familiar reaction of sudden burst of carbon dioxide and increasing pressure will erupt into a beautiful geyser that can reach up to 30 feet. Experiment with different types of soda and number of mints to get the desired effect. Multiple set up of soda bottles outfitted with the Geyser Tube launched in a synchronized and timed manner can get mesmerizing results.
Geyser Tube full
Now, are you ready to your next level bursting experiment with this fun gadget?Get the Geyser Tube here for only $8.

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