Get the Website You Want with Mr. Site Takeaway Website

There are three different ways of getting yourself a website: you can pay someone to do the design and expect to spend between $75.00 and $300.00 per page; you can design it yourself using a professional website creation tool, but I’m telling you, it’s not as easy as getting it right; or you can go to Mr. Site. And who’s Mr. Site? It’s actually Mr. Site Takeaway website. Jargon-free and easy to use, Mr. Site is all you need to get the website you want with no fuss.


Mr. Site is perfect for individuals looking to set up an affordable personal interest or campaign  site, or entrepreneurs taking the first steps towards an online empire. No experience or web gurus required. With Mr. Site, you can have your own piece of the internet in just a few clicks away. Inside the Mr. Site Takeaway website box is a password which allows you to go through an ULTRA simple step by step process after which you’ll have a totally customized, professionally designed dot com website with cutting edge features.

Features include:

• Your very own .com address
• 150Mb web space for your webspace hosting and email inbox
• A photo gallery for displaying your pictures and art
• Phone and email support
• Music player
• Diary/Blog
• Web page password protection
• Secure Paypal shopping cart – this simply means that you can get your business online

System requirements – PC or Mac with any of the following:

• Internet Explorer 6 or above
• Firefox 1.5 or above
• Safari 2 or above

And did I mention that Mr. Site is browser based? Very well thought out reasonably well executed, isn’t it? So start your dot com empire right here with Mr. Site Takeaway website.

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