Get the Party Started with the Lucky Voice Karaoke Party Box


Your computer is now more than just a slave device which you go in front and type your way into the bank. It is also a great party saver (especially those impromptu ones) with the help of some alcohol, good food and this computer karaoke machine!

The Lucky Voice Karaoke Party Box turns your computer into a karaoke machine instantly. Just plug in the microphone, a good set of speakers, your computer and you’re all set! This karaoke box aside from letting you butcher your favorite songs can also make you sound a little bit better with some tweaks on the echo. If you want to belt out some notes a little bit higher or want to rock out, then just move the dial up a notch and you will sound better (or less terrible) in case you’re not gifted on the vocals. Each set comes with the party box itself, a pink microphone which can serve as a great accessory or an added insult whichever way you see it and an additional microphone for the duet song you’ve been wanting to do. Buying this set also entitled you for a year of subscription with which entitles you to the constantly expanding 6,000+ songs for you to rock on. Titles available are from the good old Abba songs to electro-pop offerings of Lady GaGa.

Belt your heart out with your friends with the Lucky Voice Karaoke Party Box from

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