Get the Halloween Party Started with the Bubble Fogger Machine

Eleven days more to go and it’s Halloween party time. Are you all set for this exciting event? Have you started decorating your home with various Halloween decorations? Do you already have a Halloween costume for that masquerade ball? And have you already prepared the Halloween party supplies that you’ll need during the party? If you’re all set, well two-thumbs up to you! But if not, you still have 11 days to prepare everything – starting from Halloween decorations, costumes, and for that Trick or Treat party. Now, if you are planning to hold a Halloween party at your home, perhaps you’re thinking of ways to make it unique and more exciting. Well, here’s a suggestion – use a Bubble Fogger Machine to get the Halloween party started.
bubble_fogger_machine1Okay, so how does this machine work? Unlike other machines that produce bubbles or fog only, this one actually creates both. But if you’re thinking that it makes fog and then some bubbles, well you’re wrong about that. Because when you use this Bubble Fogger Machine, what really happens is that fog is produced IN the bubbles. That’s right! The fog is IN the bubble. So, when the bubble pops, the fog formed inside scatters outside, creating a really cool smokin’ effect that your guests will surely find awesome.

Truly, this unique Bubble Fogger Machine will make a nice addition to your Halloween party’s dramatic decor accessories. With all those bubbles creating billowing fogs, your house will easily transform into a haunted house environment. So, be sure to have this Bubble Fogger Machine Halloween to really get that Halloween party started.

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  1. I was very excited to use this fog machine- specially after reading all the great reviews out there. I went all over town trying to find bubble and fog juice. a few hours before my Halloween party guess what… no bubbles! I sent an e-mail to the manufacturer (not this site) and their response was… there was nothing they could do and directed me to read the instructions which included nothing more than to plug the machine in, if that didn’t work to check the bubble and/or fog juice level. it is very disappointing to see a company who doesn’t stand behind their products. my review… buy something else.

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