Get Stylish Full Viewing Experience with Myvu Crystal


A long trip on the car or the family van can be boring. You can play all games on your PSP or DSi, listen to music with your iPod or watch movies on the LCD screen, you are constrained by the space. You can only look over at a display so much as the space and portability can provide. How about watching a full length movie on a 64″ display with just carrying a device that weights 82 grams.

This is the Myvu Crystal. A personal multimedia display device that makes the puny sized video on your PSP or iPod look like a home cinema on the go. Just connect the cable from the Myvu to your multimedia device and voila! You can watch videos in its full glory all you want or up to 4 hours when out on batteries. This personal gadget has the SolidOptex technology for VGA display of 640×480 like other Myvu line devices but only this specific model allows 30% more viewing size than its predecessors. It has a “Made for iPod” certification and has included connectors for Zune, Nokia phones with digital out, DVD players, game consoles with composite video out such as Wii and Xbox.

The concept behind this nifty gadget might be too much of techie stuff to handle but the makers of the Myvu surely thought about this thing looking great. The chrome accent and the glass features is sure to impress people with an eye for fashion.

Get the full view with Myvu Crystal.

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