Get Energy Conscious to the Last Watt with Kill-A-Watt

kill a wattAhhh. The glorious power of energy that feeds every geek’s cravings. However, it could really hurt a lot on the pocket when we get our bill and see the damage that having DVD marathons on that big plasma screen can bring. So cost cutting should be done and try to save our planet from over usage of electricity and probably saving our house too from being sequestered by the bank.

The Kill-A-Watt energy monitor is the thing that every geek needs. It measures an appliance by just plugging it in the Kill-A-Watt plugged outlet and then presto! Shame will come down upon you as you see the huge amount of electricity in units of kilowatt-hour that is flowing. It has a huge LCD display to always remind you whether you are a few feet away of how much electricity is being drawn. Also,electrical expenses can be calculated by the day, week, month, or even for an entire year (in case you want to fully budget your expenses). Quality of power can also be checked by monitoring the voltage, line frequency and power factor that Kill-A-Watt can display.

Just imagine the use of this device! You can have this plugged in and see which is the best setting for your TV regarding the balance of energy efficiency and quality of display. You would also be able to know which electrical device sucks most of the power and which device is just not that worth monitoring for excess usage.

Get the Kill-A-Watt and see how much you will save.

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