Get Connected with the iXP3 Internet Messaging Clock

ixp3_internet_messaging_clockLooking for an unusual way of getting connected to your friends, loved ones, and your special someone in other parts of the world? Look no more because here is a cool gadget that will definitely do something that you’ve never seen before – flashing messages in mid air. That’s right! The iXP3 Internet Messaging Clock is not your ordinary clock because it does more than just telling the time – it actually gets you connected to other people across the globe by allowing you and your loved ones to send a whole new kind of instant messages to each other.

How does it work? Well, since the iXP3 Internet Messaging Clock is an Internet enabled device, it allows you to send and even receive messages sent through by plugging the built in RJ-45 Ethernet port into a router and registering the device on the said site. If you are going to send a message, you have two options: send it via the iXP3 website or by email. Your friends or loved ones will then see that message displayed in bright red letters above the messaging clock connected to the Internet. If they’d like to reply, they’ll do the same and you’ll be able to see their messages flashing in mid air above your own unit. Take note: there are no subscription fees to use this gadget. So, no worries about paying a single cent when messaging!

Now, how about when the clock is not displaying messages? Of course, it will do its usual function and that is to display both the time and current temperature.

So, get connected the unusual way – buy the IXP3 Internet Messaging Clock now!

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