Get a Taste of New Chocolate

Craving for chocolate? Well, LG will satisfy your chocolate craving. The LG Chocolate LG-BL40 would become available for purchase on the European market any time this week, before making its way around the world.LG ChocolateThe LG Chocolate boasts of reinventing the way users use and view mobile phones. With the LG Chocolate, you’ll see things differently, touch things differently, and style things differently. It comes in slim shape, glossy black finish and iconic red highlights creating a sense of subtle, chic luxury. The curved scratch-resistant glass that seamlessly encases the Chocolate provides a smooth, elegant surface which will always look flawlessly clean and alluring.

The outstandingly exceptional 4-inch, 21:9 HD LCD opens up an enlarged and more optimal space for “on-the-go” computing. Users will also get to enjoy a panoramic multimedia experience featuring a theatre-like movie player and enriched image document viewer through the wide screen. Intuitive responsiveness and easier accessibility to applications is also easy with LG’s upgraded S-Class UI which offers the best in finger-friendly 3D graphics.

Now, if you love surfing the net, the LG Chocolate shows support for 7.2 HSDPA for fast internet browsing. Looking for the phone’s camera? It boasts a 5-megapixel camera with Schneider-Kreuznach lens.

Again, the LG Chocolate will be expanded to the rest of the world from October this year. In the meantime, you can drool over these LG mobile phones and accessories available at Amazon.

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