Get a Spooky Shadows Projector for your Party!

projectorHave you seen the calendar? October is nearly over which means Halloween is coming where sweets for kids and parties for teens rule! Buying sweets is easy but hosting a party isn’t! You have to decorate the place with pumpkin, cobwebs, witches etc, then you have to prepare the food, sounds, and of course the ambiance! You’ve already got the bubble fog machine and now what you need are light effects like the Spooky Shadows Projector Light.

This projector will surely add the finishing touch on the event as images of witch on broom, bats, black cat, trees and tombstones flash all over the place. Just switch it on and the frosted ball will move randomly allowing the images to be projected at different places like the witch seems to have flown from the juice bowl right on to the ceiling.

The whole setup doesn’t take much space since it is quite small actually at 8″ wide and 5″ tall. It is powered by two C sized batteries giving portability to the light show which will surely make the shadows created from the projector dome bring the haunted atmosphere right where you need it. Also, this projector can also be used for other gatherings and occasions that you want to give a little light show.

This gadget originally retails for $37.48 on other stores but can be bought for only $16.99 as special sale price only at Amazon. Be sure to get yours now before it is too late!

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