Get a Shot of Espresso Anywhere with the Handspresso

handspressoCoffee is the second most consumed beverage in the world next to water. Heck even when I think about it, millions of people would miss deadlines, students won’t be able to study all night and people would all be slow without the buzz of coffee. Though we cannot bring out coffee machines to anywhere and a coffee shop isn’t always available wherever you go, then make your own espresso shots with the Handspresso!

This portable and easy to operate consciousness pumping machine is now available in the market. This would enable anyone to enjoy a shot while hiking, in the middle of the park, right in front of your desk or even while on the sea. Just give the handle a few pumps to pressurize it till it reaches 16 bar then put in hot water and the all important coffee pod and you’re ready to be fired up. Of course you also have to prepare for others so this device can hold up to 50ml of liquid or good for four persons. Four unbreakable cups, hot water flasks, and napkins that comes with this set packed in a stylish leather zip up bag that says sophistication and class. Bring all your sugar, spoons or creamer  as the bag also have space for those. With a 22 x 10 x 7cm size, the whole set is really small and very portable ready to be taken anywhere you go.

Get your caffeine boost anywhere with the Handpresso Kit

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