Geeky Maternity Shirt

The form of a geek may be a man or a woman. The man could be a StarWars fan living in his own laid back life’s bedroom lair of jedi masters and plans on taking down any evil force that may sprout within. The woman on the other hand could be a classy lady living a fast paced life of the urban jungle having the latest computer, latest cellphone, gadget for this, gadget for that, ready to take on the world. They aren’t exactly the perfect match but it does happen on movies. So why not in reality? And so their love continue that resulted to the woman’s journey to 9 months of hormone fueled emotions and actions. But what could symbolize their geeky passion for each other you may ask? A Geeky Maternity Shirt of course!

maternitymtaernity 2The Geeky Maternity Shirt is to attest that pregnant women can still show everyone how geeky they are even they try to avoid a lot of tech stuffs to prevent any potential effect on the baby. This too can show the potential kid geek that is currently in progress. The shirt shows a good amount of humor that would put a smile on anyone who sees it. Expecting dads, this is a great gift that you can give to your wife this Christmas.

There are sizes for everyone ranging from Small to XL to accommodate different sizes of preggy geeks. Act fast and get the Geeky Maternity Shirt!

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