Geek-Style Boxing

Over here at Geekie we’re experiencing a little bit of boxing fever from the recently-concluded, monumental, historical event.

Allow me a little digression. What an awesome fight between Pacman and the Hitman! Two effing rounds, are you kidding?

So since we’re not over the boxing fever, and we want to do our own little KO the techie way, here are two ways to train your power hooks the Geekie way.

usb-boxerTest your punches and rhythm, and train those fingers as you pound on your keyboards. The USB Boxer gives you full control of the punching. With every press of the keyboard, you feel this little guys lethal throws on that tiny punching bag. Pound the keyboard your way to becoming a pound for pound champion yourself. Just plug in this power boxer in your USB port, load up and log in, and punch your way to a high score. Click here to get your own.

Want to try out your skills against an opponent? Think you’re ready to leave the training robot-boxingarena and get right in the ring with a mean killing machine? Duke it out first with the Rockem Sockem Robots. Popular back in the 60s, the Pacquiao vs. Hatton match-up should inspire you again to try out your punching power with this toy. You can move your little robot around this ring, and throw in some mean jabs as well. Here’s hoping you see that momentous KO. Grab yours here.

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