Game Dr. Will Limit Kids’ Gaming Time

As an adult, you seem to see how the world just changed and you are in the same shoes as your parents way back when you were young. You know, you now become the bad guy that limits the play time of your kids for them to study and have a good life later on. Well, that kinda suck in a kid’s point of view and makes you the evil killjoy parent that knows no fun. Well, instead of you, you can have the Game Dr. somehow to be the bad guy.c31f_game_doctor

The Game Dr. is basically an electronic timer that clamps on to an appliance. For example, you want to limit your son’s lengthy 10-hour Halo killing spree to just 5. Then you just have to clamp the Game Dr. onto the console’s plug and then set it to 5 hours and then connect it to a wall outlet. After five hours of fragging, it will automatically cut off the power supply of the console making it dead as the bodies you have killed in the alien camp map. This thing too is child-proof since once it is clamped, it would never get off until you unlock it. The big numbers on the screen of Game Dr. will also serve as a warning time for your kids to save their game before it turns off. The setting of game time will allow training of your kids to budget their time wisely of when to play with their consoles. You will also be spared as the Game Dr. will take blame for being such a killjoy.

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