Future of Keyboards

Welcome to the future. Here’s a toast to the new smallest usb keyboard with only three keys!
How could that work, you may ask?
First, the Optimus Mini that features three keys. These keys has their own backlit OLED screen. Each key can display a static image or full animation. Press the key and a different action occurs depending on what is assigned to it.

This new geeky device is also built in with an Optimus Mini Configurator software that allows you to assign various actions to each of the three keys. With that you can instantly switch between six different key layouts by holding down the Ctrl, Shift, Alt-Shift, or Ctrl+Shift keys on your larger keyboard. Hotkey options for Internet Explorer, Microsoft Word, Outlook Express and Windows media player are also included.

The best thing about this gadget is that it can assign a different webcam image to each key and have them dynamically update. Or have a clock face with animated second hand displaying the time in Tokyo on one key while a CPU Usage graph scrolled across another key. You can of course mix and match the key functions to your desire and there is even support for portrait or landscape orientation.

Product Features

  • Mini USB Keyboard with an OLED screen on each key
  • Keys can be configured for the following functions:
  • Start an Application
  • Set as any keyboard combination
  • System Status with Free Memory and CPU Usage graph
  • Display webcam or other dynamic images pulled from the web
  • Display the Time and Weather in any city with animated analog or digital clock face
  • Control Internet Explorer, Microsoft Word, Outlook Express and Windows Media Player
  • Instantly switch between six different keysets by pressing a modifier key on your larger keyboard
  • Keyboard images can be set for vertical or horizonal orientation
  • Software updates are planned for future enhanced features.

Want to be the hippest geek in town with this futuristic device? Click here.

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