Fujitsu LifeBook UH900 – The World Right in Your Pocket

As NASA and other national space agencies once tried to beat each other in the space race, laptops, notebooks and netbooks are also trying to outdo each other in terms of size and features. This eventually led into a competition of who’s got fit the bigger specs in the smallest body – and right now Fujitsu, a foremost provider of IT-based business solutions, seems to have the upper hand.
Fujitsu Lifebook UH900Fujitsu just launched, in perfect timing for the holidays, their newest take on handheld PC in the form of the LifeBook UH900. This new product promises full PC performance in its small 20.4cm x 10.65cm body that closely resembles the dimension of a long wallet. It barely measures an inch thickness and lightly weighs around 500g, almost half the dimension of a typical netbook. The slim form factor still managed to perfectly squeeze in a 5.6-inch WXGA vivid glare screen for comfortable viewing. The amazing part is, despite the lightweight and compact design, Fujitsu was able to fit in full-featured PC capabilities in the UH900.

This latest gadget is powered by an Intel Atom Z530 processor and uses a 62GB SSD storage. The LifeBook UH900 made the most of it with Windows 7 compatibility by sporting a multi-touch screen as well as thumb-glide point and buttons. For connectivity, it has Bluetooth, a camera, mic and a built-in support for 3.5G internet. The Fujitsu LifeBook UH900 is available in Mocha Black, Fiery Red and Vintage Gold.

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  1. I predict that these little marvels could be a be a best seller if its price is reduced from $800-to $300.
    Its physical size and weight are optimum. Its computational power is adequate for light duty. Improvement and increase in computational power in newer model should be expected.
    It is just right for my pocket. Nowadays any computer that is over two pounds and or over 8 X 5.1/2 inches sound like an albatross to me.

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