From Good to Great… with Audiovox Camera

Audovox ACA250

What are the two things women drivers dread on the road?

Parallel parking and reverse driving.

Thanks to the invention of Audiovox ACA 250 Wireless Rearview Camera, women can drive fearlessly.  Because of its 110-degree wide angle, the Audio ACA250 Wireless Vehicle Rear Observation System allows cars to back up with ease by giving a clear shot of the road behind it and displaying the view through a 2.5″ LCD monitor that can be set up on the dashboard of the car.

Besides increasing visibility for the driver, another great thing about this camera is that it not only automatically turns on when the car is shifted to reverse mode, it also has an automatic night vision setting when used in the dark. With its 2.4 GHz wireless transmitter, this camera does away with being plugged to the vehicle wires.

Kudos to Audiovox for creating this gadget to be one of those “install-it-yourself” devices, that way women wouldn’t think twice of purchasing it for fear of adding another dust gatherer in their home because installing it is just too complicated.

So women drivers, unite! Get yourself an Audiovox ACA250 Wireless Rearview Camera today and turn yourself from from being a good driver to a great driver!

You can order it right here.

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