Flat, Flexible, and Loud


No it’s not food foil for you to wrap your leftovers in. This is the groundbreaking new development of engineers in the University of Warwick. Pioneered by the university’s spin-off company Warwick Audio Technologies, this is a revolutionary breakthrough in terms of audio equipment development. It’s lightweight, very flexible, only 0.25mm thick, and produces a very accurate resonance in terms of sound.

Since it’s flexible, it can go very well in places where box speakers will unlikely fit. You can simply hang this on a wall, place it inside car doors, put alongside promotional posters — with something as handy as this, the possibilities become endless.

The sound technology behind the FFL, or Flat Flexible Loudspeaker (the name can use a little more marketing ploy, I know) is perfect as a PA system. Because of the way it’s able to generate sound waves, these flexi-speakers are perfect for resonating above a large crowd.

We might not see this on the consumer level anytime soon, but at least we won’t be taken aback if a movie poster suddenly talks back to us.

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