Flash Those Doodles: Lightalk II


Compact Impact released Lightalk II, and now the fun of doodling boredom away is redefined in a completely different manner. Picture this scenario: In the middle of a boring meeting, you’ve made a masterpiece on a piece of paper (a caricature of your boss for example), but you don’t want to pass that paper around unless you want your boss to catch you. What do you do? Just scan and store the image using Lightalk II, then beam the image later on when the meeting’s over.

By waving the pen rapidly back and forth, the LEDs will display your scanned image in the air, or at least the illusion of it. Again, this is re-imagining the concept of “Persistence of Vision”. You can even display an animated version of your doodle by enabling the pen’s sequential display function. The unit can store up to 8 image scans so you can probably flash away a man walking or a phrase in a looping sequence depending on what you’ve stored in the system.

It also comes with a sharing function through IR (infrared), so if you have a friend who owns another Lightalk II, then you can beam your newly drawn doodles to their unit, and vice-versa.

Lightalk II runs on 2 AAA batteries and can operate for 10 hours of continuous display. Truly, this is a clever little gadget that can save you from boredom. It sells for $38.70 and it’s not a hefty price to pay judging by the sheer enjoyment you can get while using the product.

See more of this geek toy here.

You can also visit ThinkGeek.com for more info

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