Firewinder: Turn Wind Into Light

firewinderRaise your hand if you are among those who have dreamed to see the wind since childhood. Perhaps, your parents kept telling you then that there’s no way that will happen. So, you just settled on listening to the wind as it whistled and howled outside your window, weaving through the trees in your garden. Quite frustrating, right? If only there’s a way for you to make that dream a reality…But hey, haven’t you heard about this amazing gadget that can turn wind into light? That’s right! There is one now called the Firewinder.

firewinder2Powered mainly by wind, the Firewinder is a decorative outdoor light that allows you to visualize the wind’s energy. At daytime, anyone would think that it’s simply a dangling outdoor accessory that spins when the wind blows. But when nighttime falls and the wind blows, the Firewinder breathes with it and suddenly lights up. Now, what you are about to see is something that you’ve never seen before – a beautiful spiral effect, with a light that glows even brighter as the wind blows faster. The sight is truly spellbinding and you would hardly believe that your dream to see the wind is somehow coming true.

Whom to thank for this ingenuity? It’s no other than Tom Lawton, the young British inventor who did not only dream to see the wind but also turn it to a reality by transforming the wind into light so that he can visualize it. Now, it’s not only Tom who realizes his dream to see the wind, but also many others.

How about you? Get the Firewinder at for only £99.95 now!

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