Finger Decks

finger decks2Your iPod Touch might be the coolest music player that you have touched. But it isn’t cool as how a DJ touches the deck playing cool music that makes the crowd go wild. To experience how a DJ play the deck, you should see a real DJ for yourself and learn how to mix and stuff. Too bad that we don’t know a lot of them. So why not get a deck of your own in a miniature form such as the Finger Deck?

The Finger Deck is like your mini turntable that can be connected to your iPod or any music player via a 3.5mm jack. You just have to flip on the crossfader and start mixing music and add funky beats to the sound! But once connected to a music player, you could play your music to the built-in speakers or start mixing your favorite tracks and create a whole new music set yourself. This little gadget allows you to have fun scratching the deck instead of some virtual DJ software on your iPod which you are afraid to scratch (pun intended). So you could mix some of Lady GaGa’s pop electrifying music with your other dance tracks and stage your mini party with your fingers. The Finger Deck is very compact at 10x10x10cm (height, depth, width) making it easy to put in your pocket and use whenever you feel bored like in a subway, bus or a long trip to your grand parents.

finger decksLet your fingers play with Finger Decks now!

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