Find Out What Your Pet Does All Day with Pet’s Eye View Digital Camera


Too bad I don’t have a dog or a cat. But if I do, I will surely buy this Pet’s Eye View Digital Camera. This is a good idea to find out what my pet really does all day while I’m at the office or when I’m not around. Wait, my best friend has pets and she always wonders who was the culprit of the mess in her kitchen while she’s at work. I’ll tell her to get this Pet’s Eye View Digital Camera so she’ll know what her pets have been up to. For $49.99, she’ll have a photo diary of her pet’s activities. If you also have pets, you will find this gadget interesting.

This ultra-compact and extremely durable digital camera clips onto your pet’s collar, just like an ID tag and it is made of ultra-durable water resistant ABS plastic. It is designed to take photos in your pet’s eye perspectives. Set the timer to record a shot every 1, 5, or 15 minutes and the Pet’s Eye View Digital Camera is good to go. The 8mb SDRAM internal memory stores lots of photos, but unfortunately, it’s not expandable. Now, when you get home, you can download the shots to your computer and see what your pet did all day.

The Pet’s Eye View Digital Camera is plug-and-play; it basically works like a thumb drive so there’s no software to load. It is PC and Mac compatible, has a lithium battery that is rechargeable through the included USB cord, approximately weighs 4.5oz, and measures 2.25” x 2” x 0.75”. Well, I really think this gadget is cool, especially for pet lovers like my best friend.

If you’re one yourself, or you know anyone who’d love this gizmo, get it right here.

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