Film to SD Scanner- Bringing old films to digital age!


Film negatives are soon forgotten the moment digital cameras became more affordable, mobile phones came equipped with digicams, and express image printing kiosks were made available throughout the country. Everything now is almost in digital format including pictures and videos. Even journals and magazines are now in the form of blogs or e-zines.

Don’t have any ideas on what to do with your old memories still stored in the good old film negative? The Film to SD Scanner is the answer! No need to wait in the darkroom to view your picture. Just feed, scan, and go. You won’t even need a computer anymore to store your precious moments in digital format. With Film to SD Scanner’s auto-exposure, color balance and high resolution 5 megapixel negative film scanner feature, all you need to do is place the negatives on the film holder, scan and view the results instantly. Isn’t that great?! What’s more interesting is this nifty device comes with a FREE 1 GB memory card for storage and is easily upgradable to a walloping 8GB worth of storage. You can also connect this device to your PC for easy editing, additional storage, and printing. With its dimension of 15.2 x 8.6 x 8.3 cm, it won’t consume much space and the perfect device for bringing good old precious moments back.

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  1. yep, it really isn’t that big. it fits nicely on my desk, and is really easy to take to family member’s houses to scan their pictures in.

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