Feel Like Harry Potter with this Levitation Wand

levitation wandHarry Potter fever is on again! With the latest movie Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince raking in $29.5M in the box office and with an 89% movie review rating from rotten tomatoes, this juggernaut wouldn’t just stop. But while you and other fans are queuing up on the cinemas to catch the latest of the series, why not play around and amaze every muggle in the scene with this levitation wand.

The Van de Graaff Wand is the ultimate tool for you to cast that wingardium leviosa levitation spell on everything in your sight. Well maybe not all actually but at least these mylar shapes that look cool anyway. This levitation wand works by having a Van de Graaff generator that creates electrostatic charges around the wand making the included mylar 3d shapes to react with it allowing you to make it float, bend, twist, and fold at your command. It is just like the mini version of what you see in science museums that amused you when you were a kid.

Such a mystical looking device is powered by just 2xAA batteries that fit inside the wand’s body. Just pop in the batteries and with the press of a button you will be sending the 3d shapes flying at your command. The ultimate coolness factor here is that you could actually electrostatically charge your hand and control the shapes with your own hand! If that wouldn’t impress people, I don’t know what will!

This is the perfect gadget for the geekie Harry Potter fan. You could watch the video and order one as well at ThinkGeek.com

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