Feed your mind with the Mensa Electronic 1 Million Sudoku

A lot of people have been crazy over Sudoku, the little number puzzle game that doesn’t require Math skills to solve. A lot of people say that one of the reasons they love answering this crazy puzzle is they feel like they are really good in Math every time they finish a round, since the puzzle is made up of numbers which should be arranged in a special order–the aim of the game. Sounds like patterns and numbers, no?

However, try using the Mensa Electronic 1 Million Sudoku. It is a little device that has in store a million sudoku puzzles for anyone to solve. And if you are totally crazy over this game and has completed all the one million puzzles, you can even load the sudoku puzzle from your daily newspaper.


This gadget is brought to you by Mensa International, the oldest and most well-know high IQ society in the world.

It has a backlit touchscreen. It is also very portable, and very much like an iPod, you can bring it anywhere and use it anywhere.

One of the biggest advantages of using the Mensa Electronic 1 Million Sudoku is the fact that it can exercise your brain with your daily dose of logic puzzles. You don’t have to buy the daily newspaper to get your puzzle fix. You don’t have to look for a pen and paper you can use to jot down the puzzle you saw on the internet. It has been made easier for you by the Mensa Electronic 1 Million Sudoku.

You can buy this gadget when you visit this website.

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