FDA Warns Regarding Use of E-Cigarettes

If you have thought of  kick the habit of smoking cigarettes, I bet you have considered the use of e-cigarettes to gradually decrease your nicotine consumption. The method of decreasing the dosage of nicotine on a period basis isn’t something new. Rather, it is already implemented like by using patches or even a gum. The drawback of this is that cigarette users still seem to miss the feeling putting a stick into their mouth. When they start to fill in that urge with a real cigarette, then the quitting program fails.

Something new and mostly sold online is getting popular among quitters of smoking. – e-cigarettes. They are positioned to be healthier in terms that they have lower nicotine content or even none at all as compared to a regular cigarette which is safer. In addition to that, they also come in different flavors such as chocolate of bubblegum.

But FDA warns that e-cigarettes could be potentially more dangerous than the real thing. This is because of their recent findings that carcinogens as well as other toxins are present in e-cigarette cartridges and an anti-freeze compound called diethylene glycol has been found in a sample. The theory behind this is due to the low standards in the manufacturing process of the e-cigarettes that makes the devices itself contaminated. The reason for this is that most e-cigarettes are actually produced in China and are just imported.

So if you plan of kicking the habit, then you should probably stick to tried and tested methods recommended by your doctor.

Source: FDA

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